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How to unlock your car's door without using a key

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You might have lost your keys and are wondering how to unlock your car without a key. It's not uncommon to have this problem. In this article, we'll cover a few methods to get into your car without a key. You can use a screwdriver, or a tennisball to get in your car. These are simple and effective.

How to unlock your car's door

Know how to unlock a vehicle door in case it gets locked. There are many options. The first is to use an inflatable wedge as a way to force the door open. This method will not damage paint and locks doors on cars equipped with top-level knobs. Another option is to use a coat hanger, or a wooden doorstop. Both these methods will require patience and a steady hands, but they will work.

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Without a code

If you don’t have a spare keys, you can try stringing or hanging a wire from the lock. These methods should not be used for automatic windows and locks. They can damage weather stripping and wires. You should use something sharper than a screwdriver like a plastic clothes hanger. A sturdy, long pole-type instrument can be used if a rod of steel is not available.

A screwdriver

There are times when you may need to open your car door and realize that you don't have a key. You should call the police in such an instance. There are some simple methods that you can use to unlock a car's door without using a key. These include a screwdriver. Safety should always be your main priority when using the screwdriver. You could damage your car's finish by using a screwdriver. Wear gloves.

With a tennis ball

Did you know that a tennis-ball can be used to unlock a car's doors? It's a common myth, but one that has managed to endure the test of time. The technique involves using a tennis ball to punch a hole in the handle of the vehicle's door. This creates air pressure, which forces the lock mechanism open. This trick was tested by the MythBusters who tried different methods such as vacuum sealing the vehicle lock and applying 100 PSI of pressure to the car's door.

With a rod

You can try prying open the door with a steel rod if you have locked yourself out. Hold the rod in place and bend the tip to form a hook. It's better to go to a hardware store if you don't know how to open your car doors. Or, you could buy a tool to unlock your car's doors.

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Straighten your clothes hanger with a wire clothes hanger

A straightened wire clothes hanger works as a tool to unlock car doors with automatic locks. Bend the tool until it forms a small hook. Then insert it in the narrow gap between the door's rubber molding. Attach the tool to the button by hooking it around it and pulling the handle up. This works only with clothes hangers. It may take some time to find the right tool.

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How to unlock your car's door without using a key