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Anti-Theft Equipment for Your Car

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Anti-theft equipment for your vehicle is a great investment to protect your personal and valuable items. They can be used in a variety of ways to protect your property. They are used in retail environments as locks, RFID tags or GPS locators. To learn more about the benefits of anti-theft systems, read on! Here are some of the benefits:

Steering wheel locks

A steering wheel lock is an electronic security device that is installed on the steering column. These products are usually brightly colored which makes them easy-to-see and deter thieves. These steering wheel locks are made out of tough steel and are not easy to cut, saw or pry. Because of this, these steering wheel locks provide greater security and peaceofmind for your vehicle. This device is universally fitted to any type of steering wheel.

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The locking mechanism used to lock the steering wheel is what sets them apart from other types. Many steering wheel locks have a key system. This can prove problematic if your car keys are lost. You will be able use the steering-wheel lock without having to break the wheel if the installation is done correctly. Steering wheel locks have another advantage: they increase visibility of your car. Steering wheels locks will prevent thieves from taking your vehicle, making it harder to drive. This will make your car less attractive to them.

Tire locks

Tire locks are an effective means of preventing theft from vehicles. They lock the wheels of the vehicle and make it impossible for them spin. These are usually heavy-duty, steel clamps that fit over your wheels. These clamps are harder to find and easier to see. These clamps come with two keys so it might take some practice to put them in. A tire lock can also help protect the steering wheel, which is a common place thieves will attempt to access your vehicle.

Anti-theft devices can also be made from other tire locks. These are similar to hood pins from muscle cars. The hood lock can also be used to prevent engine parts being stolen. To prevent your vehicle from moving, tire locks attach to the valve stem of your tires. The police use these locks to immobilize cars parked in illegal spaces, but they can also work as an anti-theft device.

Passive anti theft systems

A local car dealer can help you find an effective way to protect your vehicle from thieves. Passive anti-theft systems work by using a radio-frequency transponder embedded in the ignition key to recognize when the car is being opened by unauthorized people. The ignition lock reads the key and the vehicle can't be driven until the transponder has been turned off. This system is available for many Ford models.

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Passive antitheft system require driver involvement in arming the car. They require the driver to activate a button on the key or remote to arm the system. This leaves the car vulnerable to theft. Active anti-theft mechanisms, on the other side, arm the vehicle by themselves. Many anti-theft systems are capable of switching between passive and active modes depending on the model and its features. Not everyone is a good candidate for a passive anti-theft device.

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Anti-Theft Equipment for Your Car