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How much is Steve Jobs' net worth?

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Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple. A brilliant, abrasive man, he had a net value of $7B in September 2011 and a staggering $10B at the time of his passing. The methods and assets Jobs used to calculate these figures are subject to dispute. A billion-dollar fortune, regardless of where it came from, is a lot of money to a nerd.

Steve Jobs' family wasn't particularly well-off

Steve Jobs' family was not particularly wealthy, but they were well-off enough to enjoy his success. Apart from his philanthropic work he also had two daughters. He was a well-known figure in Palo Alto, with Alicia and Reed as his children. His mother struggled to balance her son's work and personal life. He was also known as "Apple genius".

He was a nerd, but not a nerd.

Steve Jobs may not be the right person for you if you are looking for a tech-savvy guy. Steve Jobs was not a true nerd, even though he was one of the most successful businessmen ever. Instead, he was hip, foppish, and ascetic. These are some fascinating facts about him.

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He was a brilliant innovator

Steve Jobs is one the most influential people of our time in a world that is flooded with new technologies and products. His products have made it a commonplace. They have changed the way people communicate and consume information. His creation, the Apple Store, was the country's second largest music retailer. His iPhone revolutionized how people communicate and consume media content. Although he was diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma in 2004, he was able to concentrate on creating Apple products and launching innovative technologies.

He amassed a fortune in excess of $10 billion

Although it is difficult to imagine how one man could make a fortune of $10billion, there are many other ways Jobs made his money. He was also instrumental in the creation of Apple, the first personal computer. His stake in Apple was $2.1 billion, or about 5.5 million shares. It accounted for more than half of his total wealth. Jobs' fortune was also derived from Disney which bought his Pixar company in 2006. It meant that he was Disney's largest shareholder. He also earned a cool $4.3 trillion from the deal.

He was a philanthropist

Steve Jobs may not bring up charity, but you might. He started Apple in his garage and built it into a $350 million company with shareholders. It was 35 years ago that a company this large didn't exist, and even less so with such high cash flows. Steve Jobs was Apple's CEO and remained loyal to his employees. He provided benefits to them and invested their money into Apple's products.

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He was an outsider

Steve Jobs had worked at a shopping mall as an electronics salesman before he started Apple. He was a shy introvert, but he made friends with Wozniak and Bill Fernandez. They shared a passion for electronics and Steve Jobs was attracted by this hobby. The two worked together for many years in various capacities, including selling electronics and working as a salesman. They eventually teamed up to create the Apple Macintosh computer.

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How much is Steve Jobs' net worth?