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The History of iPhone Design

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Steve Jobs threw out the original iPhone design for a touchscreen. The Fingerworks iGesture Pad was a finger-based input device that Jobs was using. It was invented by a man who had disabilities and suffered from hand injuries. The team had worked on the Newton PDA, and they knew the potential of touchscreens. Merchant says touchscreens gave them a new way to create a mobile computer. It was also perfect for making phone call.

The iPhone's small size made it ideal for making phone calls

Steve Jobs stated that the iPhone could be held in one hand. This was the perfect size for making phone and text calls. Steve Jobs also felt that the iPhone was the ideal size to be carried in a pocket. The device is small enough that it can fit comfortably in your pocket. Apple iPhones have become more convenient than ever to make and take calls.

As the iPhone's size increased, so did its popularity. The product's popularity grew and Apple's designers continued to improve the design. Apple released the original iPhone with a screen size of 4 inches. Samsung's Galaxy Note was released in 2011. The term "phablet" was also popularized by this phone. The iPhone 5 was released a year later. It had a four-inch display and a 5.5 inch screen. Apple's latest model is the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5" display.

It's both a phone with full-featured features and a media player

The history of iPhone design, as a fully-featured mobile phone and media player, begins with the 2007 creation of the iPhone. It was a revolutionary device in internet communications. It offered desktop-class email, search and maps as well as social networking. While the iPhone's original design remained unchanged for many years it was a major improvement on earlier phones. It was soon the most popular smartphone in the world.

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The iPhone's design first came about when Steve Jobs, an engineer at Apple, was looking into integrating touchscreen technology in its devices. Apple had been testing an iPod-compatible mobile phone, the Motorola ROKR, at the time. Apple decided to develop its own phone with iPod functions following a disastrous partnership with iTunes. It was unveiled at the 2007 Macworld convention, San Francisco. Jobs criticized the leading smartphones and presented the first iPhone.

It comes with a Retina display

Retino displays and retina screens are two of the most important features of iPhone design history. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4, a new device, to the World Wide Developer Conference in June 2010. It measured 9.3mm in thickness and featured a faster A4 chip. Apple had made the screen much more detailed, so you could read things much better on the new iPhone.

Retina's display has an increase in pixel density. Apple's LCD display combines high-resolution LCD technology with advanced pixel technology. The result is a much sharper user interface than the traditional Apple displays. Apple has registered the trademark "Retina" for both computers and mobile devices. The Canadian application also cited a 2010 trademark application by a Jamaican company.

It has a skeuomorphic look

Skeuomorphism is rooted in the real world. The first phones had shutter sounds and resembled real cameras. With the introduction of Apple Lisa, the skeuomorphic design evolved further to imitate modern technology. But it's not all bad news. Other examples of skeuomorphic design have survived for decades in the history and design of iPhones.

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Forstall's interview with Computer History Museum was full od rich storytelling and candid anecdotes. He was asked about the history of iPhone design and his impact on modern iOS. Forstall had pioneered a style known as skeuomorphic, which is a design philosophy that emulates real-world materials such as leather. For example, his Calendar application was bound in leather.

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The History of iPhone Design